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In the wake of my Ninja!Style challenge, I'm sure you wonder: "Do Ninja!families celebrate the holidays?"

Well, wonder no more.  For I bring you…Thanksgiving, Ninja!Style.


After feasting on delicious home made Ninja foods, we immediately went out and killed many enemy ninja. 

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What's your favorite heartbreak song?
Submitted by esta86.

I've never had my heart broken – dented, bruised, banged around a bit – but not broken. 

But if I HAD, I would listen to Amiel's Lovesong for a pick-me-up.  There's nothing like thinly veiled, utterly scathing contempt with a peppy guitar accompaniment.

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So, I was checking out my VOX 'hood, and saw Lami's super cool Ninja!style icon.  Which totally brought to mind a favorite website: Enter the Ninja, which has directions on making your very own Ninja mask using nothing but a tshirt.

Come on, don't tell me you didn't do this when you were a kid! Or as an adult for that matter.

The challenge is to post your very own Ninja!Photos – one with your "I'ma kick your ass, Ninja! Style" pose, and the other doing something normal, but with the Ninja!Style twist.  Kevin, keep it clean, Mr. "I'll show you something pink, bitchez."

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I got this in my inbox earlier today:

> Dear Friend,
> I hope my e-mail meets you well as we have actually
> been searching for
> any possible link or semblance with an individual
> that shares the same
> last name as one of our late clients.

Which of course is a fantastic spam email regarding a dead relative, millions of dollars in cash, and a request for contact, bank, ID information.

So I decided to send a reply.

To my dear Sir John C.C.R. Bannister:

I am profoundly distressed at the news that My Esteemed Uncle, Colonel Wat Anass, though unnamed in your correspondence, is no stranger to me, for inasmuch that his name is Withheld, he is near and dear to my Heart, has recently passed Away.

I had received word of his unexpected Passing during a Military Exercise in the deserts of the Orient, a wrongful death in the hands of ravening Camels whom he was merely trying, with a whole heart, to Befriend.  Though untrue and ridiculous Rumours proliferate, I, and you, dear Sir, know the Sad Truth. Such Rumourmongerers are despicable, and should be immediately Cashiered, by Jove!  They deserve, at the very least, though I wish for more Terrible and Just punishment, a Sound Thrashing!

My apologies for my rude Outburst.  I still suffer from Hysterics and Palpitations when such dastardly rumours come to mind.  My uncle was a kind and gentle man, full of love for his fellow man and dumb creatures.  To Insinuate that he was trying to have Carnal Relations with several camels is not to be bourne!   I shan't believe a word, and I should hope that with your Brilliant and Discerning Judgement, you too will not believe such base rumours and whispers amongst the Ton and Society. 

My Solicitor, Mr. J. Ackass Esquire will be in touch shortly regarding his estate.  Though I mourn my Dearest Uncle's passing, I have two daughters that Must be Launched in Society this Fall in Time for their Debut.  This inheritance would, indeed, be a Godsend.

Lady U.R. Anass
149 Piccadilly,



My dear Friends, I have no Words to express my extreme Gratification in reading of your enthusiasm for my Letter, sent on the 13th of November, to Sir John C.C.R. Bannister, a Gentleman with only the best Intentions, who was very Considerate and kind in contacting myself, and Expressed his consolations with extreme Tact and Sensitivity, thus sparing myself any extraneous Pains, which could have brought on another fit of – if you would pardon the vulgarity -  Chest Palpitations, that usually send me to my bed with a vinaigrette to apply to my nostrils and a Therapeutic Glass of gin and soda.

But I must also announce my Deep and Abiding sorrow at the passing of my Dearest Uncle, and I am Appalled at the gift – though quite Generous, it is quite Reprehensible – that was brought to the Gravesite, surrounded by his Family in Deepest Mourning, of a Large Floral Arrangment…made in the shape of a Camel!  I was made quite prostrate with Grief, that I must needed to be Revived with Smelling Salts.

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I was checking out part time positions on Craigslist (fuckin' hell, christmas is coming!) and went to this page out of curiousity.


Uhmn.  Thanks for letting me know, Obviousman!.

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Show us something shiny.
Submitted by princesskasren.

I would totally post a photo of my shiny, oily forehead…but I won't.  Because I'm a fuckin' lady.

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I know you've been waiting.

So, I present…The FSM and Two Infamous Pirates!




I probably should have used more noodles.  For those people who couldn't understand my FSM costume, I just told them I was a Dioxide molecule.

I also wish we'd taken more pics (Michelle, my bestest friend everrrrr, took all the photos) of the FSM touching people with the noodly appendage.

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