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I know, I know, sometimes the same old boring sausage just doesn't satisfy.  Sometimes you need something different; something exciting; something NEW.  You've tried it thicker, thinner, longer, shorter, sweet, salty, spicy or mild, but in the end, it's just another plain ole wiener.

But our friends in Japan have come up with some revolutionary ideas that will help put the Hot in Hot Dog! 

I present new and sexy ideas from our friends in NipponHam!  Still looking for even more exciting, multi-tentacled fun?  Try the Octopus Sausage Maker!  Perhaps you'd prefer to anthropomorphize your wieners – either with one or two eyes?

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or is this product oddly…porny?

Look: it sheathes and protects.  It comes in many colors.  Plus it's ribbed for your convenience!



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A friend and I had a FANTASTIC dinner at Kaz Sushi Bistro back on monday night.  I'm not one for modernized sushi, but this place totally blew me away.  Delicious and fresh fish (the tuna with Italian black truffle was killer), excellent drinks, really pretty restaurant and decent service (though we did have to chase our server down a few times).

I adored the food.  I promised myself that I would come back because it was just so damned excellent.  Our dinner came up to $83.60, which I put on my card.  I left a $20 cash tip – I'd read somewhere that tips put on a credit card got penalized and I didn't want that, as I had such a great time and ate so well.

So, on tuesday night, I was checking my online bank statements to see if some of my bills had cleared.  Lo and behold, a charge was placed by Kaz Sushi Bistro for $100.23.  Now, I don't know where the error stemmed from: whether it was an incorrectIy charged bill from KAZ Sushi Bistro, or if it was a fuck up on Wachovia's part.  I didn't really care, as it could be fixed quite easily and the amount wasn't crippling.  I printed out the charge dispute forms from my bank, and shot off a quick email to Kaz Sushi to let them know of the error – the note was also a subtle warning to be careful with the charge slips and to keep an eye out for an inquiry from my bank about this.

What I didn't expect was the email response.  Is it just me, or is this shit rude?? (note: read from bottom up)

ETA: Hey, they apologized.  But I guess this is yet another lesson on "Using your email wisely: better you wait till you have a bit more time to explain, rather than shooting off an email that ends up sounding asshole-y," a title that I usually just shorten to "Using your email wisely."

But I've never heard of the system as explained below – but I'll make sure to keep an eye out to see if this really does happen.  How weird. 

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: KAZ Sushi Bistro
Date: Mar 21, 2007 2:45 PM
Subject: Re: Incorrectly billed card
To: Lor

I did not mean to be rude to you but I am sorry if you felt that was rude email.  I just wanted to let you know that we did not charge you incorrectly as you assumed.  I did not have enough time this morning to explain whole credit card process which makes all restaurants look bad.  We get many phone calls and emails all the time assuming we overcharging them  and they certainly do not make us feel so good.   When customers give their credit card to the server, server swipes the card and enter the amount.  At that point, the card gets preauthorized making sure it is not over the limit.  When credit card company preauthorize, they do not know how much tip the card holder will leave.  So they just assume the customer would leave anywhere around 20% of purchase.  The preauthorized amount (purchase price plus tax and 20%)will be on your on line statement until the corrected transaction is finalized which normally takes a few days.   This is the way all credit card processor has been doing and been around quite long time but people didn't know until recently because they could not check their statement on line before.   This makes consumers and restaurant very confused but as of now they are not even trying to fix this problem.   Hope you understand and again apology that I made you upset.
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Lor
Date: Mar 21, 2007 12:04 PM
Subject: Re: Incorrectly billed card
To: KAZ Sushi Bistro eat@kazsushi.com
Wow. I hope you didn't mean the note below to sound as rude as it reads via email. 
I wrote the previous email just to give you guys the heads up to be careful, and as a courtesy note that I am disputing an excess charge.  It was a quick note from a customer who was very satisfied with their dinner, had a fantastic time last monday, and was planning on coming back to bring friends to enjoy the tuna with black truffle sushi. 
I don't particularly care where the error came from as it can be fixed quite quickly – but this very brusque, rude email below leaves a particularly nasty taste in my mouth. 


– Hide quoted text –

On 3/21/07, KAZ Sushi Bistro <eat@kazsushi.com > wrote:

That is what your credit company does, not us.  But it should be corrected by your credit company within a few days.  This is the way all credit companies do for all restaurant purchase and nothing we can do about it.

—– Original Message —–
From: Lor
Sent: Tuesday, March 20, 2007 8:10 PM
Subject: Incorrectly billed card


I was checking my bank statement online and it seems that KAZ Sushi Bistro has incorrectly billed my account for a dinner (server: Yuliani, table #42, time: 20:24)  that a friend and I had on 3/19/2007.  My bill was $83.60, and I left a cash tip of $20.  My card was incorrectly billed $100.32.   I still have my customer copy, and will be filing a form to dispute this transaction.  I just wanted to give you all a heads up, as I will be faxing my info to the bank early tommorow. 


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To announce that:
Today is Vesper's Birthday. 

Girl, I can't wait to see you this weekend.  Watch out, NYC, here comes the Asian Girls Club!

* again

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I have a friend who always seemed to bring bad weather with her when she'd visit me in D.C.  The weather channel might predict a sunny weekend with highs in the 70's, but if she was coming down from New York, it was guaranteed that it would be raining cats and dogs with lightning and gale winds.  I would get nervous when she'd visit during the winter, as she would always, ALWAYS bring snow/sleet/ice or a miserable combination of all three.

I'd poke fun at her, telling her to stop bringing ugly weather with her.  But I joked one time too many, and, suddenly looming over me with a dark aura swirling about her, and a look in her eye that struck fear in my heart, she said that I'd better shut my giant cake hole, or else she was going to pass the curse over to me.

Ok, no not really.  There really wasn't any dark aura or crazy look, but she did tell me to shut the fuck up.  And that I was asking for bad luck.

Sure enough, the curse strikes.  I'm going up to NY for the weekend, and what am I bringing with me other than my cute clothes and cute cute shoes and cute cute cute self?  Miserable fucking weather, that's what.  From high 60's this past week, it'll drop down to 27-30 degrees on saturday with wintry mix. 

Seriously, what.the.FUCK?

ETA:  My flight got cancelled.  SHIT.

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If you put together a time capsule today, what would you put in it?
Submitted by Lilia.

Myself, on ice. And, hundreds of years from now when a utopian society finds me, I'll bring a little 21st century chaos into the world. 

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Ok, who here plays Second Life?  Pros? Cons? What's your experience been like?  I know it's going to be a massive timesuck, but it looks SO COOL!

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