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Wow, Sears, your website SUCKS.   And your customer service needs some freaking training – that way they don't sound like they're trying to rip me off.  Jerks.

I made an appointment on December 18th for Sears to come to my place to clean my sad, grody, dirty couch.  Michelle recommended Sears, as they did a great job with her couches and carpets.  I immediately went to their site to schedule an appointment – and luckily enough, there was a coupon for $99 for cleaning a couch.  Brilliant!

I received a confirmation email within a few minutes, and I put it out of my mind.

Today, I called Sears to find out exactly what time they will be arriving.  Lo and behold, they could not find my reservation.  I gave them the confirmation number on my email and all other information, but no dice.  No reservation.  Irritated, I asked if I could schedule another appointment for the following weekend.   They had the 9-12 opening.  I asked to book it, and they asked if my address was a house or a building.  I said it was a highrise condo.

The Sears representative immediately said that the $99 coupon was not valid as there is a $199 minimum when it comes to high rise buildings.  I asked why, and he said it was due to their equipment.  I mentioned that there was a freight elevator that they could use.  Nope, it would cost $199 to clean. 

I've heard of minimum charges for a visit – but nowhere on their site does it say that there is a minimum amount for a visit.  Bastards. 

I've made an appointment with another cleaner who was upfront with the minimum charges, didn't spout bullshit about "carrying their equiment", AND gave me a deal since I'm a first time client.  SUCK THAT SEARS. 


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I'm sure you all have heard (ad nauseum) that everyone's favorite trainwreck's little sister is knocked up.  That's right folks, 16 year old Jamie Lynn Spears has a bun in the oven.  Awesome!  I'm so glad that the dumbass gene is alive and well in that family.  Kiss your Nickelodeon career goodbye, JLS, and say hello to being the star of your very own After School Special.

Anyway, in honor of these glad tidings, I offer a haiku in celebration:

Oh you crazy kid
Babies are not the answer
Grow a brain instead


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