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I take photo-retouching challenges.  I finally got a copy of Adobe Photoshop CS3 (I gave up groceries for the year. It's cool, I need to lose weight anyway) and I'm having a killer good time learning how to use it properly. 

This is a challenge posted on Retouchpro.com – it's actually a much larger photo, but I decided to focus on the face and skin first as my old techniques (Gaussian Blur, Art History Brush) just wasn't gonna cut it. 

This is probably 3/4 done – I need to take care of that weird greeny/yellow burn thing going on on the jawline, plus I want to fiddle with the color and the nails and the hair and the makeup and…

P.S. I think I'll call it done – I've exhausted all of my photoshop skillz.  It's time to pick up some PS books and learn from online tutorials.  I LOVE MY PHOTOSHOP CS3! 

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