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I have never been to a place so photogenic.  You couldn't take a bad photo! (Lots and lots more photos here.)

1) Pipe and Drum bands are awesome.  AWESOME.

2)  I will NEVER tire of taking photos of churches/abbeys/kirks/what have you.

3) Irn Bru: Tastes just like Bazooka Joe Bubble gum.  Also, Haggis is delicious. Seriously delicious. No kidding!

4)  Wanna meet some celebs?  Go to a cemetery.  They're dead, but man, they're cool about posing for photos.  ADAM SMITH, people!  Wealth of Nations!  We were so damn excited.

Adam Smith not your cup of tea? HOW ABOUT DAVID HUME????  I thought so.


5)  We went for walks – miles and miles of walks and saw this.

6) We saw castles. LOTS OF CASTLES.  And abbeys. And kirks. And cemeteries. And MORE CASTLES.

7) We went to the highlands and met a highlander and looked for Nessie.


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I get to stay here.



I get to eat this:



I get to see this:


and this:


and this


and maybe drink lots of this:


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This rant was brought to you by the letters S-H-U-T and by the letters T-H-E H-E-L-L U-P.


So, I've been following the Obama campaign on and off (I'm suffering from Democratic Race Fatigue, unfortunately, and can't muster the energy to stay up till the wee hours watching pundits and talking heads dissect every sentence, pause and breath of each candidate.) 

Of course, everytime Obama's face flashes up on the screen, Reverend Wright's mug comes up.  Clips of his incendiary speeches (ok, soundbytes, really. But man, those are some juicy ass soundbytes) are played over and over again.  Then there's the allegation that the U.S. gov't developed AIDS to infect people of color.   He's held one news conference after another, doing his level best to "explain" his words and defend his actions.

I don't know about you, but something stinks.  It reeks of desperate attention whoring. 

Fine, his words were taken out of context.  Alright, I'll keep an open mind about everything he's said.  But when the hell will he shut up?  Every word he's spoken has helped chip away at Obama's support.  Every news conference Reverend Wright has held has done nothing but damage a presidential candidate's campaign for change, unity, and hope.   Does he NOT want Obama to win?   Reverend Wright's so busy trying to cover his own ass and come off as misunderstood and misrepresented that he's left a man of his congregation to clean up and have his own integrity, patriotism, and commitment to America questioned.

Reverend Wright, can't you freaking wait till after Obama's got the presidential nomination before you open your mouth?  Take one for the goddamed team and shut up – in fact, shut up until AFTER Obama wins the presidency!   It sure makes you look like nothing but a publicity whore when you wail injustice and unfair media scrutiny but hold one press conference after another.  You decry how white (though, as a Filipina American, I can certainly read between the lines and see that you really mean ANYONE who is not YOU) America as out to get you for misunderstanding every juicy soundbyte. 

Go away, Reverend Wright.  I'm bored with you, Reverend Wright.  Not only that, I find it rather distasteful that you're so busy "helping" yourself that you've hosed one of your own flock: all for that shiny, false idol of media attention.



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