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3rd ink!

It's not done – I am going back to get the moon inked in white, and to fill in the crane.  Isn't it beautiful?

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Just ink under my skin

A few weekends ago, I got a tattoo on my wrist.  Pretty, isn't it?   Sometimes, I forget I have it, and my heart jumps a lbit when I catch a glimpse of it out of the corner of my eye.

My older co-workers have asked "why would you do that to yourself?" as though it was some horrible thing.  I just smile and shrug.

See, I occasionaly forget that what I do with my life affects other people who are very important to me.  Sometimes, when life is just yuck and the little annoying things have piled up into a giant mess, I just want to throw up my hands and give up.  But having this very visual reminder reins me in.

Everything I do is not solely for me, but for my niece and nephew.  I raised them when they were babies.  I changed their diapers, fed them, walked around with them in my arms at 3 am trying to get them to settle down and sleep.  I've sat up sleepless at night when they were sick and coughing up a lung.  I played with them, disciplined them, hugged them when they got scolded, watched them take their first wobbly steps towards ME.  I was their Mom when their mom decided motherhood wasn't for her, and I was their Dad when my brother couldn't be bothered.  I raised them for years, and really, they're my kids.   

So, that tattoo?  It's beautiful.



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